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Let us guide you. Let your friends motivate you.

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Use the GoalHawk method to accomplish your goals

Have your friends support you on the journey and follow our comprehensive programs to reach your goals


The focal point of achieving a goal is staying accountable. With the GoalHawk Method you connect to 3-5 people in your network who will be your Hawks. When you begin to struggle, your Hawks will be notified and be responsible for getting you back on track.


We searched for and tested the very best content that will allow you to, step by step, effectively and efficiently accomplish your goals.


Achieving goals has never been easier. GoalHawk gives you seamless accessibility to what you need, when you need it. All free of charge.


Your progress will only be as public as you want it to be. While we encourage you to share your triumphs with the world, If you want to keep your progress private, rest assured that your information will only be seen by you and your Hawks.

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